Hodlers Network Wallet ID Based Network Hodlers Network will be the first Social network in Blockchain-based on wallet IDs to verify and identify good and bad crypto users, aiming to avoid scams and making DeFi a safer and trustworthy environment for crypto-investors Dessert Audit WhitePaper Certik Audit Buy HDLN on
HDLN TOKEN Our CURRENCY Been registered in hodlers you will be included in a clean and safe community, and people that refuse to share their info will have more difficulty to sell our advertise is products, like freelances, Social media marketers etc VIDEO PRESENTATION Twitter Telegram

Key Features

Wallets verified

Verify your and other user’s wallets making a safer network.

Help and get payed

Verified users will get rewarded for helping verify new users.

Protection from hacking

Been registered in hodlers you will be included in a clean and safe community, and people that refuse to share their info will have more difficulty to sell our advertise is products, like freelances, Social media marketers etc 

cost effective

Having a public KYC system will reduce the cost of the verification and will allow verify the users constantly during the year.

ALL in one

Every profile will have important information like wallet id, name, email, social media, etc

Daily rewards

User will be rewarded daily for taking some action like sharing or voting getting $HDLN tokens as a reward

Hodlers For Companys

Having a professional and verified profile of your business and team members will give you trust and advantages, and you will show your product to the community of Hodlers Network.


Hodlers will index every profile to search engines, like this wherever someone search for one wallet id will find his profile here and get the information he wants.

Why Us?

Hodlers Network technology drives new world

HDLN will be released on Binance Smart
Chain Platform (BSC) and completely follows the BEP-20 standard. The standard will render the token compatible with third-party services such as listings, wallets, and exchanges. It will also provide conveniently
integration, however, can only be used on
platform ecosystem for the time being. The
tokens will be used to trade and pay in our

  • Will List On Coingecko
  • Will List on Coinmarketcap
  • Certik.org and Dessert Finance Audits

Our Social Network

The importance of social media in spreading the information about cryptocurrency and their acceptance among the masses cannot be denied. In fact, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and particularly Reddit had been instrumental in popularizing the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in 2010 and onwards.
Therefore, Hodlers Network is going to launch our Social Network. It will offer plenty of options for the cryptocurrency community specifically (as well as to other less commonly involved users), such as getting in touch with the best crypto traders, influencers, groups or companies regarding cryptocurrency market. It will also provide a platform for the users to share their portfolios, news and all about crypto currencies. They will have the opportunity to create and join coin-groups, follow their favourite investors and their coins. On the other hand, social platform will give the
companies the possibility to create coin pages and share important
announcements, advertisements and news for the right targets.
For example, Ripple, a blockchain for global payments, is using
social media as a tool for maintaining their successful business. It has over a million followers on Twitter, where it continuously shares different endeavours such as educational webinars with the audiences. (Lee, 2018).

Token Distribution

Why Buy Hodlers Network

Every Verified wallet from our network must hold HDLN to be able to earn rewards and verify other users.

Token has a Specific Function that will valorize it self.

Create a tradeable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof.

Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure – the ledger is distributed across all nodes in the system making.

Hodlers Team

Daniel Louro

Project Financer



Aaron Bisogno

Project Manager



Ludmila Krugliansky

Community Manager




Read our Official Whitepaper to answer your questions and learn more about the Hodlers Network.